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Fire Response - Main Campus

When the fire alarm sounds, everyone should stop work and immediately proceed to a designated assembly point away from the main building, keeping all roads and access ways clear for emergency responders.

The evacuation response process is similar across all buildings in the main campus and is summarised below

Community Safety Staff respond to fire alarms and investigate. Fire Wardens check that there is no one left in the building. The local Incident Response Team are designated persons from the occupying department(s), who assist the Community Safety Officer in managing the incident and provide information to the Fire Service.



Fire Wardens

(trained occupants)

  • sweep designated zones
  • evacuate and report to the Community Safety Officers who have attened.

Community Safety

  • Alert Community Safety Officers to respond to alarm
  • Call Fire Service if fire is confirmed

Community Safety Response Team

  • Check source of fire alarm
  • Call for Fire Service if required
  • Prevent re-entry until safe
  • Check with Fire Wardens, occupants, to identify persons still in building
  • Coordinate evacuation of disabled persons from refuges
  • Guide Fire Service to building
  • Liaise with Fire Service while on site
  • Reset Panel when safe
  • Complete Incident Report


  • Community Safety ensure that building is safe before allowing re-entry