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Extinguisher User Guide

Guide on Use of Fire Extinguishers

This information will enable staff to operate fire extinguishers that are found on campus.

Do not put your personal safety at risk. Only use a fire extinguisher in an emergency to aid escape from a fire or to extinguish a ‘small’ fire.

1. Ensure that the alarm has been raised

2. Select the correct extinguisher for the type of fire in accordance with the following table:

Types of fire extinguisher used on University Premises:









USE on:

Wood, paper, textiles and solid material fires

Flammable Liquid and Electrical fires

Flammable Liquid,

Flammable Gases, Electrical and Wood, paper, textiles fires

Flammable liquid, wood, paper, textiles and solid material fires


Flammable Liquid, Electrical or Metal fires

Metal fires

Metal fires

Electrical or Metal fires

3. Use the extinguisher:

  • PULL the safety pin out, to free the lever on top of the extinguisher
  • AIM the fire extinguisher nozzle or hose at the base of the fire, standing around 2.5 metres back from the fire
  • SQUEEZE the handle to release the fire-fighting agent
  • SWEEP the nozzle or hose across the base of the fire (not the flames) until it is fully extinguished; with foam and powder, lay a blanket of foam or powder over the burning area

Warning:- Do not touch the horn of the CO2 extinguisher as your hand could freeze to it.

4. Evacuate and report to the Security Response Team

Fire Blankets may be used to extinguish cooking pan fires:

  • Pull the blanket out of its case
  • Check that the fire is smaller than the blanket
  • Hold it well up in front of you by the top corners and keep your hands tucked in behind the blanket
  • Place it over the fire to smother it and leave it there
  • Don’t take it off for half an hour, in order to let the material cool down.