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Gibbet Hill Campus

All of the buildings which make up the Gibbet Hill area of Main Campus (excluding the Maths Houses) operate the Evacuation Tag System. The buildings are:

- Mechanoochemical Cell Biology Building;
- Clinical Trials Unit;
- Medical Teaching Building;
- Gibbet Hill Farm House;
- Estates Yard;
- A-Block and B-Block (Medical School Building and School of Life Sciences);
- School of Life Sciences (C-Block);
- Bio Medical Research Institute (M-Block);
- BSU;
- School of Life Sciences Teaching Block (E-Block)
- D-Block;
- Gibbet Hill Glass House;
- MRC Unit.

Set out below is the instruction you should follow, depending on the type of building user you are:

  • Members of staff and Post Graduates

Implement the Evacuation Tag System

  • All other persons

Follow the basic fire response procedures

The Evacuation Tag System represents a variation to the existing procedures and the tag system must be followed, following confirmation of the go live date from your parent department, upon activation of the fire alarm.

Guidance and instruction for the members of the Local Incident Response Team and Local Incident Response Team Leaders is available on these separate pages.


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