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Content of First Aid Boxes

There is no mandatory list of contents for first-aid boxes and HSE does not 'approve' or endorse particular products. As a guide, where work activities involve low hazards, a minimum stock of first-aid items might be:

  • a leaflet giving general guidance on first aid, eg HSE's leaflet: Basic advice on first aid at work;
  • 20 individually wrapped sterile plasters (assorted sizes), appropriate to the type of work (you can provide hypoallergenic plasters, if necessary);
  • two sterile eye pads;
  • four individually wrapped triangular bandages, preferably sterile;
  • six safety pins;
  • two large, individually wrapped, sterile, unmedicated wound dressings;
  • six medium-sized, individually wrapped, sterile, unmedicated wound dressings;
  • a pair of disposable gloves.

This is only a suggested contents list and you may wish to add other First Aid items that are suitable for the typical type of injuries that could occur in the environment that you work in to permit quick and easy treatment.

It is however recommended that you don't keep tablets or medicines in the first-aid box.