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First Aid

Any person at the University may suffer injuries or fall ill, the arrangements in place for First Aid mean that someone can provide them with immediate attention or call an ambulance if needed. Knowing how to administer CPR, stop serious bleeding, or treat someone suffering from shock can be the difference between life and death. Taking quick action can prevent further injury or even save someone’s life.

1. Training Standards: First aiders at the University are trained by an approved training provider in either "First Aid at Work" or "Emergency First Aid." This indicates a commitment to ensuring that those designated as first aiders possess the necessary skills to address a range of situations.

2. Regular Re-qualification: It is a requirement for first aiders to re-qualify every three years as it is essential for keeping their skills up-to-date and aligned with the latest guidelines and techniques.

3. Annual Refresher Training sessions: Annual refresher training sessions are recommended. Regular training updates help first aiders maintain their confidence, proficiency and for them to stay informed about any changes in key topics.

4. Local First Aid Support: Local first aid trained staff operate during normal working hours and out-of-hours first aid assistance is provided by the Community Safety Team. Having local first aid support during both normal working hours and outside regular hours ensures that assistance is available whenever it might be needed.

5. How to contact a First Aider: If you need a first aider you should contact one close to you, either in the same building or one close by. Please see the list to find your nearest first aider. Do not use the Emergency Community Safety Team phone number 22222/ 024 76522222 for non-emergency first aid requests.

Note: For Warwick Innovation Campus, Stratford Upon Avon (Wellesbourne) Staff/Tenants arrangements - see the Wellesbourne first aider poster.Link opens in a new window

6. Organised by Base Location: First aiders are listed by base location, when there is a situation where a first aider is needed the closest first aider should be contacted. As a consequence if you are a first aider and change jobs or move buildings please inform as soon as possible in order that we can update your details.

7. Numbers of First Aiders Required: The University is committed to complying with the guidelines provided by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This commitment ensures that the first aid provisions meet established safety standards, taking into account flexible working arrangements. As a general rule the recommended ratio in most academic and administrative buildings is a minimum of two First Aid at Work trained first aiders and one Emergency First Aid trained first aider per floor.

This ensures that individuals with varying levels of first aid skills are available to respond to different types of situations. If achieving this level of cover is problematic, please discuss with your nominated H&S Officer or Adviser.

The Health and Safety Services department reviews and manages the list of trained First Aiders, and will be able to advise on and organise appropriate first aid training for people who require it. This ensures that the first aid coverage is continually assessed and adjusted as needed to meet the evolving needs of the University community.

Departments are responsible for ordering, replenishing and maintaining their own First Aid supplies please see the webpage for the recommended First Aid Box contents