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Hygiene Standards

Effective cleaning is paramount and indeed an integral part of any food business. In addition to compliance with the relevant legislation cleaning will assist in:

  • creating an acceptable and safe work-place;
  • encouraging effective working and will reduce the risk of accidents to staff and customers alike;
  • creating a favourable representation to the customer and assist in promoting the business;
  • removing matter conducive to the proliferation of micro-organisms the facilitation of effective disinfection thus reducing the risk of food poisoning;
  • reducing food spoilage, wastage and the removal of materials that could provide food and harbourage for pests;
  • the reduction of physical contaminants, thereby precluding customer complaints; and
  • the prevention of damage to, or a reduction in, the cost effectiveness of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

The following procedures and control sheets have been made available to assist managers and food handlers in achieving compliance and 'best-practice'.

HS/01: Cleaning and Disinfection - June 2019 (V3)

HS/02: Hazards Arising from Cleaning - June 2019 (V3)

HS/03: Use of Dishwashers - June 2019 (V3)

HS/04: Cleaning Schedules - June 2019 (V3)

HS/05: Waste Control and Disposal - June 2019 (V3)

HS/06: Ice Making Machine Cleaning Procedure - June 2019 (V3)

HS/07: Ice Making Machine Cleaning Checklist - Control Sheet - June 2019 (V3)

HS/08: Vacpack Cleaning Procedure - June 2019 (V3)

HS/09: Vacpack Cleaning Checklist - Control Sheet - June 2019 (V3)