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Food Safety Manual 2014

The Univeristy of Warwick is committed to ensuring that high standards of food safety and hygiene, above and beyond the minimum requirements for compliance with the appropriate legislation are realised and furthermore encourages progressive improvement to ensure that food provided to clientele is; free from contamination and safe to eat.

The food safety manual has been produced in order to assist food handlers and managers in the safe; storage, handling, preparation, cooking and service of food, so as to ensure that the health and wellbeing of consumers is not compromised by the end product. It will be the responsibility of managers to ensure that the manual and susbsequent procedures are kept up to date, of which must be communicated to and be made readily available to all levels of staff for use as reference material.

Topic areas covered within this manual are as follows:

Section 1: Policy - April 2014 

Section 2: Operational Standards - April 2014 

Section 3: Hazard Analysis - April 2014

Section 4: Food Allergens - April 2014

Section 5: Temperature Monitoring - April 2014

Section 6: Hygiene Standards - April 2014

Section 7: Fitness to Work - April 2014

Section 8: Due Diligence - April 2014

Section 9: Physical Standards - April 2014

Section 10: Food Safety and Food Allergen Inspections - June 2018