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Good practice in the use of fume cupboards - User Requirements

Use of Fume Cupboards
  • Keep the interior tidy.
  • Only items which are required for the current experiment should be in the fume cupboard. All other items should be removed to their appropriate storage location
  • Avoid placing large pieces of equipment in a fume cupboard, use laboratory jacks, to ensure air flow
  • Do Not block the rear air vents
  • Keep reactions and chemicals at least 15 cm inside the front of the fumehood
  • Keep the sash down as far as comfortable while working
  • Close sash when reactions are taking place and when cupboard is not in use.
  • Do not put your head into the fumehood while working
  • Always close the sash at night

Check the date of last inspection and test, it must be within the last 14 months (normally on side of fume cabinet)

Daily and Weekly Checks

Each day:

  • users of fume cupboards must check before use that the fume cupboards that they are using are functioning correctly and;
  • there are no visible or audible alarms indicated on the control panel. Alarms must not be ignored.

On a weekly basis users should check that:

  • there is a valid test label indicating that the LEV passed its statutory test within the last 14 calendar months
  • the fume cupboard is working effectively - this may be carried out visually using a 'smoke pencil' (or a Dragar Flow Check Air Flow Indicator Kit which can be procured via OPeRA) or by using an anemometer to measure face velocities
Statutory Testing and Maintenance

Fume cupboards are subject to statutory testing and maintenance every 14 calendar months.

For more information on this, see the Statutory Testing webpages.