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Smoking Policy


1. Smoking is forbidden anywhere in University buildings, substantially enclosed workplaces and vehicles used as workplaces. This includes:

  • bar areas and private dining rooms
  • University vehicles
  • dressing rooms for example in the Arts Centre
  • on Library Bridge and in enclosed courtyards and within 3 metres of an entrance to a building
  • outside buildings if the smoke is likely to drift through open doors or windows

2. This Smoking Policy also applies to the use of electronic cigarettes. The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited wherever smoking is prohibited.

3. Smoking shelters will not be provided but locally designated smoking areas should be identified. These should be a suitable distance away from buildings to avoid smoke drifting through open doors or windows or people having to pass through a smoking area to access a building. Cigarette waste should be disposed of properly and considerately in a safe manner.

4. In line with the University's commitment to provide a safe and healthy environment for staff and students there is a total ban on smoking in all student residences.

5. Smoke free premises and vehicles must display signage as required by the regulations.

6. Managers must take steps to ensure that this policy is complied with in areas under their control.

7. Any individual found to be in breach of the University smoking policy may be subject to disciplinary action in line with the relevant disciplinary procedure.

8. It is recognised that it would not be appropriate to totally exclude cigarette breaks or to put a restrictive number in place. However, consultation has indicated concern from a number of areas regarding the amount of cigarette breaks taken during working hours. Smokers should be mindful of the impact of their breaks on both their work and colleagues. As such smokers should limit their cigarette breaks during working hours by smoking outside of normal working hours or within designated break times. it will be the responsibility of the line manager to monitor this at a local level and to bring any concerns to the attention of the individual.

9. Occupational Health are able to offer advice and support for staff and students who wish to stop smoking.


Departments are permitted to take responsibility for designation of local designated smoking areas and no smoking areas with regard to paragraph 3 above.

Departments must liaise with the Estates Office which is responsible for No Smoking signage inside and outside University buildings.

Relevant Regulations

Health Act 2006

The Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007

Individuals in breach of these legislative requirements may be liable to prosecution.


It is an offence under the Health Act 2006 to

  • smoke in a smoke free place; and
  • to fail to prevent smoking in a smoke free place.

A substantially enclosed workplace is one which has a ceiling or roof and where openings (other than doors and windows) constitute less than half of the wall area.

The Regulations do not apply to vehicles that are used primarily for private purposes.

Regulation 6 provides a personal exemption for persons who are taking part in a performance where the artistic integrity of the performance makes it appropriate for them to smoke.

The prohibition of electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is prohibited is on the basis that these products do not provide recognised health benefits while introducing several negative consequences including undermining the enforcement of the Smoking Policy.

This Policy was reviewed on 18/08/2022.

Next review due on or before 18/08/2025.