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Electrical Testing

5 yearly fixed wiring test

Electrical installations and electrical equipment must be suitable for its intended use and the conditions in which it is operated and only used for its intended purpose.

All electrical systems must be maintained so as to prevent, so far as reasonably practicable, danger. An 'electrical system' is a system in which all the electrical equipment is, or may be, electrically connected to a common source of electrical energy and includes such source and such equipment. Electrical equipment includes anything used, intended to be used or installed for use, to generate, provide, transmit, transform, rectify, convert, conduct, distribute, control, store, measure or use electrical energy.

Fixed wire installation testing involves the testing of electrical services and systems that conduct electricity around a building. It covers all of the hard wiring in a building and includes items such as main panels, distribution boards, lighting, socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant.

Fixed wire installation testing involves performing a sequence of rigorous visual inspections and electrical tests on all systems in the building.

The Estates Department will carry out this fixed wire testing for its own equipment and plant, and also plant and equipment associated with the electrical infrastructure of a building or facility. The Estates Department is not responsible for the maintenance of electrical equipment (other than that of its own) that is connected by a plug into the electrical infrastructure.

However, Departments are responsible for any plant and equipment either within the building and/or which is transportable, which supports their activities or research. Further information can be found in the Electrical Safety.