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Statutory Inspection

The University is required to carry out statutory inspection for specific pieces of plant and equipment which is covered by a particular regulation. This will involve inspection, examination, maintenance and testing in accordance with that regulation.

Examples of equipment or systems which are covered by legislation:

Where you have new equipment which may fall into the statutory inspection requirements and you are not aware of inspections being carried out, or where you believe you have equipment which may be outside the required inspection time frame, complete the Statutory Inspection Report Form. Should any equipment that was formally tested be taken out of commission, or removed from service completely, ensure this is also captured using the Statutory Inspection Report Form so that the item can be taken off the inspection schedule.

Statutory Inspection Report Form

More information can be found:

Statutory Inspections and Certification PolicyLink opens in a new window

Statutory Inspection Records

This details how to ensure that your equipment is on the statutory inspection register and how to remove equipment that has been disposed of.

Responsibilities for statutory inspectionsLink opens in a new window

Departmental Point of Contact listLink opens in a new window

The Departmental Point of Contact coordinates with Estates and contractors concerning statutory inspections of equipment and plant on behalf of the department. Further details of their duties can be found in the relevant Code of Practice for each type of equipment.

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