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Location of Temporary Structures, Skips and Holding Facilities

This instruction applies to the siting of temporary structures (including, but not limited, to site cabins, skips, containers, marquees and bins with a capacity of more than 300 litres).

In order to prevent the spread of fire between a temporary structure and an adjoining building, and vice versa, you should read the following guidance informing you of how far such facilities should be from a buildings.

There are strict limitations to the placement of storage facilities which the university must follow to protect the safety of our campus and to satisfy the requirements set by our insurers.


Whether a skip is a temporary or permanent the following separation distances should be observed between the skip and the building:

Where this cannot be achieved due to size constraints, or legitimate operational reasons, you should contact a Fire Safety Adviser


The following guidance relates to all wheeled bins and bins with a capacity greater than 300 litres:

Bins in proximity to a building with a combustible facade:

The bin should be placed more than 5 meters from any point of a nearby building.

Bins in proximity to a building with a non-combustible facade (eg. brick, block or cast concrete):

The bin may be placed less than 5 meters from a nearby building where there are no unprotected openings such as doors or windows 5 meters above the bins or 2 meters horizontally from the bins.


Site cabins/storage facilities should be separated from a nearby building by more than 10 meters.

Smaller separation distances may be permissible but must be agreed with the Fire Safety Adviser and may require additional fire precautions to be taken eg. extension of the fire detection and alarm system.

Containers and cabins composed of non-combustible materials (eg. steel) would be suitable for separation of less than 10 meters but agreement must be sought from the Fire Safety Adviser

Please note: An event requiring a marquee must be notified to the University via an outdoor events application

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