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Incident Investigation by Line Manager

When an incident has been reported using the on-line reporting portal via SHE Assure, the Health and Safety Department will review the report and prioritise the incident in line with its potential for recurrence and future harm:

  • Minor - Low priority requiring no further investigation
  • Significant - medium priority requiring Line Manager Investigation
  • Serious - high priority requiring investigation by a member of the Health and Safety team

The above assessment of seriousness will be completed within 5 working days of the report being received.

There are a number of key personnel who will have been notified of an incident having taken place which will include relevant staff within Health and Safety Services. This will normally be the Head of Department of the 'Department where the Incident Occurred' and it's Senior Administrator and, where relevant, the Chair of Health and Safety Committee. This is to ensure that relevant action can be taken to prevent a recurrence and that any lessons learnt can be communicated and shared where applicable. The latter is normally via local health and safety committee meetings.

If a Line Manager/Superviser is tasked with carrying out a Line Manager Investigation they may be asked to complete the online form on SHE Assure. Ideally information should be submitted within 5 working days of being tasked with this action. In the absence of being able to input data directly into the system, the form in the right hand link may be used to collate information and then this data used to upload into SHE Assure.

As part of the Line Manager Investigation consideration must be given to current risk assessments, procedures, training and supervision and, where necessary, new control measures identified and put in to place.

Line Manager Investigations, wherever possible, should include appropriate consultation with, and participation of, relevant members of staff and students. Local input must also be sought from any Trades Union appointed Health and Safety Representative where relevant.

Where an individual has suffered a serious injury or ill-health the Line Manager/Superviser should keep in touch with the individual and provide appropriate support, contacting Health and Safety Services, Human Resources or Occupational Health as and when necessary.

Where the staff member is absent from work for more than 7 days please inform the hsteam at warwick dot ac dot uk and if possible, complete the lost time section in the incident report on the SHE Assure system.

SHE Assure System - access to the online Incident Management System

Management Investigation Form - only to be used when there is no access to the SHE Assure System

Online Training - Accident Investigation (you must have a Moodle Account to access this training)