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Generic Risk Assessments

The University has developed a number of generic risk assessments which have been produced using the University of Warwick Risk Assessment Template. It is hoped that these can help you to produce your own risk assessments for your own activity. Where there is a relevant risk assessment, it is important that they are adapted to suit your specific circumstances. You may need to consider:

  • People (the people involved may need separate consideration. Some examples may include: vulnerable person(s), e.g. under 18's, pregnancy, level of training, previous experience or lack of experience, working on their own (lone working), supervisory level)
  • Task (if the work is carried out differently, then the risk assessment should be adapted as to how you intend to carry out the work)
  • Equipment (you may have different equipment to what is considered in the risk assessment, or it may operate in a different way or be used in a different way; it could have been adapted/modified or may be made of particular material(s) that introduce other risks, etc. - these could all warrant separate consideration in the risk assessment).
  • Materials (if you are using a different material to what is being stated, then you will need to alter the document to reflect the risks surrounding use of a different material - this may increase or decrease the risk, or introduce new hazards not considered in these examples)
  • Environment (your work area may be very different to what has been considered in the risk assessment, think of lighting, ventilation, temperature, steps or slopes, worksurfaces, flooring, proximity to other activities, external interference (weather), etc.)

Generic Risk Assessment Templates

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