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Understanding your P60

A P60 End of Year certificate which summarises your taxable pay and the amount of tax and National Insurance (NI) you have paid for the tax year is issued every year, usually in the last half of May.
We cannot issue duplicate P60s, so please retain this in a safe place.
The figures on your P60 are the same as your year-to-date figures on your Period 12 (March) payslip.
Note: The Pay figure is your taxable pay, which is not the same as your annual salary (there may be certain parts of your pay that are not taxable - see Understanding your payslip).


National Insurance:
LEL=Lower Earnings Limit (£481 per month 2014/15)

PT=Primary Threshold (£663 per month 2014/15)

UAP=Upper Accrual Point (£3,337 per month 2014/15)

UEL=Upper Earnings Limit (£3,489 per month 2014/15)