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Pay & Expenses


Due to limited capacity, priority is given to current month payroll-critical queries.

We usually aim to respond within 5-10 working days. Please refrain from sending follow-up emails, duplicate AskHR tickets or phone calls. Urgent queries can be raised with your HR Business Partner found HERE

Payslips issued from March 2020 and P60s from the tax year 2019/20 are available online from your SuccessFactors (SF) profile linked HERE Link opens in a new window

Payroll FAQsLink opens in a new window & Understanding your PayslipLink opens in a new window

If you are requesting copies of documents please note, we will re-issue these in the last week of the month. We cannot provide copy documents any sooner than this due to current capacity and priority of the current months Payroll.

We’d like to take this opportunity express our thanks and gratitude for your patience and understanding.

Payslips are in SuccessFactors.

Payslip refresh

Please be aware that payslips will look a little different from October 2022. For more detail click hereLink opens in a new window.

You are able to view your own payslipsLink opens in a new window from March 2020 and P60s for 2019/20 and 2020/21 via Success Factors.

In SuccessFactorsLink opens in a new window, click on "My Profile" on your homepage; you will see a tab called "payslips" where there is a list of available payslips, click on the link and your payslip will open as a pdf document. Please note that the year-to-date information on your March payslip will be the same as on your annual P60.

If you hold more than one assignment in SuccessFactors, your payslip information will only be visible on your primary assignment. This is the profile that SuccessFactors should default to and is marked with a yellow asterisk.

If you have any problems in viewing your payslip in SuccessFactors, please log a call with AskHR

Who we are and what we do

The Payroll office is part of Human Resources and one of the University's central administrative support services. Our aim is to provide a first class service to all customers by:

  • dealing with Payroll queries
  • processing all Expenses and Fees payments for internal and external personnel
  • providing advice on the reimbursement of relocation expenses.

The department processes monthly payrolls for the salaries (SAL), Sessional Teachers (STP) and the variable payroll (VAM) as well as providing a payroll service for Unitemps, the University's temporary worker agency (AGW). Payments are made electronically via BACS, directly into the individual's bank/building society account.

Staff Privacy Notice:

As a member of staff, we ask that you read our updated Staff Privacy Notice carefully as it contains important information on how and why we collect, store, use and share your personal data, your rights in relation to your personal data and who to contact in the event that you have a query or complaint

How to contact us

The Payroll Department is located on the 2nd floor of University House.

You can contact us either by email payroll at warwick dot ac dot uk (due to security reasons, there's certain information we can't provide if emails are received from non-Warwick email accounts) or alternatively by phoning: number:

Payroll Team Ext 74444 (02476 574444)

Getting in touch with HMRC

The University's tax reference is 190/U50 and the tax office address is:


Sherbourne House

Manor House Drive

Coventry CV1 2TA

If you need a telephone number for HMRC, please look at the HMRC helpline information to find the appropriate number for your query. When contacting HMRC, you will need to quote your National Insurance number.

If you don't have a National Insurance Number

Go to for details of how to apply for one.

Useful links

Tax Scam emails, text messages & phone calls

We are aware there is a current scam in which someone pretends to be HMRC & threatens court action unless an immediate payment is made of supposedly unpaid taxes. This is a scam. Do NOT pay anything (even if they appear to have given you a recognised phone number).
Please visit HMRC's phishing & scams for details of how to check if a HMRC contact is genuine, what to look for to decide if the contact is a scam and how to report such scams to HMRC.
Tax references

The University's tax reference is 190/U50.

The tax reference for Warwick University Enterprise Ltd (Unitemps) is 120/ZA76059.

Reference requests

For reference requests (e.g. re: mortgage/rent applications or salary information), we must have your written authority to divulge personal information to third parties. First you need to give the third party your written consent and they will then need to forward this to us, with their specific request.