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Values and culture

What we stand for

Our dignity1 principles below set out our expectations of how we behave as a community, both as individuals and as an institution, and inform our approach to taking appropriate action when these expectations are not met.

These principles facilitate an environment with the ability to voice ideas at its core, a place in which staff and students operate with mutual respect, with the confidence that equality of opportunity is accessible to all.

We commit to sharing these principles with all new students and staff members when they arrive at Warwick and underpin our desire to give students and staff the best experience possible whilst studying and working here. Dignity and respect are explicitly included in the terms and conditions of employment for every member of staff. At enrolment, each student agrees to abide by the University’s regulations.

These principles cover:

  • employment-related and student-related activities (including social and study/work events related to an individual’s status as a staff member or student at the University) that may be off-campus, including overseas, as well as the normal working and learning environment.
  • conduct of staff2, students, and individuals who are not employed by or studying at the University but are associated with it (i.e., contractors, agency workers, visitors).

1 Dignity can be defined in many ways, for example, being valued and respected, an acknowledgement of our equal worth as human beings. Not being treated with dignity and respect can lead to feelings such as humiliation and worthlessness. This Policy outlines behaviours which the University will not tolerate, as they undermine a person’s dignity.

2 For the purposes of this policy, ‘staff’ includes employees, workers, agency workers, consultants, volunteers, honorary, visiting, and Emeritus professors.

This means:

  • Everyone in our community has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their status.
  • Students and staff are expected to treat all colleagues, students, and external parties with respect and dignity and should be inclusive at all times. Examples of inclusive behaviours can be found here.
  • Students and staff must take responsibility for their behaviours, and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.

If you’re part of our community, you’ll embrace and embody these characteristics throughout your career at Warwick, and ensure that we continue to be true to our principles. We rely on our leaders to demonstrate their commitment to our vision and values, and express this commitment in a meaningful way to inspire the very best in the people around them.