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Staff Apprenticeships

Want to know more about apprenticeships or levy-funded apprenticeship training? Maybe you're looking to fill an approved or budgeted vacancy by recruiting an apprentice, or perhaps you're interested in an apprenticeship to help you or members of your team to develop new skills. These pages provide information for anyone who wants to know more about apprenticeships and the new apprenticeship levy, whatever your interest.

Apprenticeships can be for anyone, whether a new recruit or an existing member of staff. They are available for a growing number of job roles including academic, management, professional, support services and trades, and at all levels from entry through to graduate and postgraduate. Some examples of apprenticeships relevant to the University include: Level 3 Building Services Engineering Craftsperson; Level 4 Data Analyst; Level 5 HR Consultant/Partner; Level 6 Chartered Manager and Level 7 Academic Professional.

Apprenticeship training can be funded for new recruits and existing members of staff through the University's apprenticeship levy. Please contact or view the FAQs page for more information.

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Degree Apprenticeship

Looking for information on the University's Degree Apprenticeship programme to see how your department might get involved? Visit the Degree Apprenticeships pages or contact the team at