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Warwick Learning Account

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 the 2021/22 scheme will be limited to:

  • Supporting colleagues who are already enrolled on a part-time Warwick Learning Account funded degree
  • Supporting colleagues who have completed a recognised Gateway course in 2021 and are due to start a new part-time undergraduate degree course in 2021/22, as listed below
  • WLA is not available to support colleagues who already have an existing degree qualification

The Warwick Learning Account scheme in 2021/22 will not be supporting any short courses provided by:

  • Centre for Lifelong Learning (CLL)
  • Language Centre
  • Warwick Arts Centre
  • Warwick Sport

Applications are now open for WLA funding for 2021-22 for the following part-time degrees:

*The ‘gateway’ route to the BA in Counselling is the 10 credit Introduction to Counselling course, which is self-funded.

Am I entitled to a WLA?

If you have an employment contract issued by University of Warwick HR and are paid from the standard salaries monthly payroll you are entitled to a Warwick Learning Account.

Please note, you are not entitled to Warwick Learning Account vouchers if you are:

  • on the Sessional Teaching Payroll (STP) or Variable Payroll (VAM)
  • a temporary worker (e.g. Third party contract worker, Unitemps employee, external business' staff)
  • a visiting academic
  • a PG (research/taught) student
Are you eligible for a Warwick Learning Account?

If you have an employment contract issued by HR and are paid from the standard salaries monthly payroll you are entitled to a Warwick Learning Account, in line with the scheme limitations for 2021/22 as outlined above.

The amount of your allowance depends upon the percentage of a full-time equivalent contract you work, as follows:

Percentage Contract

Part-time Degree Allowance

(for colleagues without an existing degree qualification)

Up to 30% FTE

Funding up to 30 CATS of study to a maximum of £1,540

31% to 60% FTE

Funding up to 60 CATS of study to a maximum of £3,080

61% to 100% FTE

For staff who are joining or leaving part-way through the year, the funding allowance will be pro-rata using your contract start and end dates.

Part-time staff who were previously in receipt of a full allowance as per the table above and have already embarked upon a Part-time Degree will continue to receive the full allowance until they complete their degree.

Staff who are on a career break will not be entitled to funding for the duration of their break. If a member of staff returns from a career break part-way through a financial year they will be entitled to a pro-rata allowance.

If you have any queries about the Warwick Learning Account, please email wla at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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