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The Department of Classics and Ancient History offers two degrees that can be studied part-time, that are designed to reflect your interests:

  • Classical Civilisations
  • Ancient History and Classical Archaeology

The Classical Studies and Classical Civilisations Degrees are aimed at those who wish to explore the ancient world in its broadest sense. The Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Degree, on the other hand, is designed for those whose interest is primarily in history and material culture. Both degrees, however, have a number of common features and you are able to move from one degree to another as your interests develop, so long as the basic regulations for each are met.

For information on the modules you can take, please visit: Undergraduate Modules

Kate Gibbins, Student Finance Officer provides details of the funding available for part-time students in 2019/20.

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Key Facts

Starts: September 2019

Level: Undergraduate

Length: Four - Ten Years

Venue: University of Warwick

Student Timetables


Success Stories

"I felt very brave. I have found it challenging but I would encourage anyone to do it. Warwick University has great facilities and support for students of all ages and disciplines which I look forward to sharing with all those I meet."

Emma, current Part-time student