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BA (Hons) Person-centred Counselling and the Psychotherapeutic Relationship

This exciting, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited programme will give you a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of Person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. It will also help develop your academic, professional and research skills, and give opportunities for personal development.


As you grow and develop over the 4 years your counselling practice will become more informed and aware. This is central to your development as a counsellor, along with your increasing knowledge of theory, practice and self-development.

Learning about yourself is a key part of the course. This enables you to be clear when working with others as you need to understand your limits and attitudes, so they do not interfere with your practice.

This BACP accredited programme is designed to help you grow your therapeutic capacity to work with a range of client needs. It will give you time to embed your personal and professional development and prepare you thoroughly for a demanding, yet very rewarding counselling career.

This video was filmed in March 2017

Kate Gibbins, Student Finance Officer provides details of the funding available for part-time students in 2019/20.

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Key Facts

Starts: September 2019

Level: Undergraduate

Length: Four Years (Part-time)

Venue: Westwood Campus

Student Timetables


Success Stories

"I felt very brave. I have found it challenging but I would encourage anyone to do it. Warwick University has great facilities and support for students of all ages and disciplines which I look forward to sharing with all those I meet."

Emma, current Part-time student