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#13 - Create an online quiz in Moodle

  1. At the start of a module or a new topic, get a sense of what your students know already.
  2. Ensure students understand before your module moves to the next topic.
  3. Help the students to identify their own knowledge, build self-confidence, and help them to identify and address their weaknesses (self-efficacy).
Solution overview

The quiz tool included in Moodle has many advanced features, including: a wide range of question types, the ability to create question banks, randomisation of questions, question-level feedback, limited attempts, various scoring schemes, certainty-based scoring (so the student's level of confidence in their answer is taken into consideration), and reporting of results into the Moodle grade book. It is a more complex tool than H5P quizzes, which are more suited to fun self-assessments.

  1. Firstly consider if you should use the Moodle Quiz tool, or the H5P Quiz tool. Do you need more advanced features such as question banks, randomisation, complex scoring schemes, and certainty-based scoring? If so, use Moodle Quiz.
  2. For support and training in Moodle Quiz, see our guides - Create a Quiz, Question types for Moodle quizzes
  3. You can create a Moodle Quiz in your Moodle Module Space by adding it as a new activity into a section.