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#13 - Create an online quiz in Moodle

Consider the methods available to create online quizzes.
  • Get a sense of what your students know already about a new topic.
  • Check students' understanding before you move on to the next topic.
  • Help the students to identify their own knowledge, build self-confidence, and help them to identify and address their weaknesses (self-efficacy).
  • Check understanding and progress as part of an assessment strategy.

The quiz tool included in Moodle has many advanced features, including: a wide range of question types, the ability to create question banks, randomisation of questions, question-level feedback, limited attempts, various scoring schemes, and reporting of results into the Moodle grade book. It is a more complex and sophisticated tool than the H5P quiz tool. It can take longer to learn how to use and as with many Moodle tools the many menu options can take time to get to know. However it remains a popular and useful tool that can be used for formative (assessment for learning) and summative assessment tasks.

The H5P interactive content tool (available in Moodle) includes several content types for making engaging, interactive quizzes and activities. The simple Quiz content type allows for a single question. For a series of questions, the Question Set can be used. It is also possible to embed questions into the Course Presentation and Interactive Video activity types. If used within Moodle, students' results from the activity are recorded in the module grade book. H5P activities may easily be exported, and recreated in other Moodle Module Spaces.

QMP is an online assessment, delivery and reporting tool independent of Moodle. It is available to all staff and students at Warwick. It can be used to create individual questions, which are brought together to form an exam, assessment, questionnaire or survey. These assessments are then made available to students to take online. Feedback can be built into the questions, and staff can then view online reports of student achievements.

Vevox is a personal response system that can be used to create engaging sessions through live polling, quizzes, and Q&A. Staff create their session through the Vevox dashboard and students use the unique session ID to connect via smartphone, tablet or laptop. This tool can be used for quick and easy whole class quiz sessions. This could be used to test progress and in-session understanding before, during or after the teaching of a topic.

This process provides links to our guides , associated recipes and other online help . For further assistance or more information use the 'Get Help' button above.

  1. Plan your quiz by deciding what understanding, knowledge and competency your students should be able to demonstrate by completing your quiz activity.
  2. Will you run regular tests rather than traditional end-of-term exams? Or will you run formative assessments where students can be given feedback on their answers, and can take the quizzes more than once? 
  3. If this is a formative (assessment for learning) activity that you can manage on your own go to step 3. If this a summative, high stakes quiz or you may need to seek help and support from a departmental or faculty academic technologist and/or you may need to get advice from the central eAssessment team: 
  4. Choose your tool and follow the relevant guides:
  5. If possible pilot your quizzes first.
  6. Provide your students with a link to the quiz and clear instructions on what to do and any expected timings, availability and completion information.
  7. Writing good quiz questions, even simple multiple choice isn't easy. Use any feedback, experiences and data to improve your component questions and refine your quiz.