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Wireless Presenter

We have a number of Wireless Presenters available to loan. All of our presenters come in a protective case. They can be used for remotely advancing your slides or as a laser pointer.

These wireless presenters are available for all staff to loan. Students wishing to borrow these items must ask a member of staff to book the item on your behalf. When borrowing any item of our loan stock you will be expected to take full responsibility for this item and return it in the same condition it was loaned to you in.

For more information, tutorials and resources on the Wireless Presenters see:

Logitech R400

  • Plug & Play - no software to install. Just plug the receiver into a USB port to begin.
  • 30 meter range
  • Laser Pointer

  Logitech r400

  Logitech r400 Wireless Presenter Setup


Logitech R-R0011

  • 30-meter range
  • 3 month battery life
  • Can connect via USB or Bluetooth
  • Pointer - used to control computer cursor
  • Logitech Presentation Software - enables Pointer to highlight, magnify, and point with a digital laser

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