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Buy and Borrow AV Equipment

Need an AV solution outside of the current offerings within Centrally Timetabled rooms?

We offer purchasing guidance and equipment loans to allow you to be flexible around developing Audio Visual technologies and environments.

Please take time to read the Warwick Purchasing Office COVID 19 Guidance

For urgent bookings within a 24/48 hour period, please contact us on 024 765 22463, after submitting the relevant booking form.

Recommended AV Equipment

Borrow AV Equipment

Setup Temporary AV Equipment

This is a list of recommended list of hardware

for guidance around purchasing or long term usage

of AV equipment. AV Services can provide

purchasing advice and guidance for any department

looking for equipment.

Recommended AV Equipment

Ask us a Question about equipment you are

interested in

*Please select Audio Visual

This is a short term loan service for limited AV

equipment offered free of charge to any staff

member. Equipment is loaned out on a first

come first serve basis.

Equipment List

Book Equipment

This is a temporary setup service for limited AV

equipment outside of Centrally Timetabled

rooms, offered to any staff member.

Equipment List

Book a Temporary Setup

AV Services advise considering your short term and long term needs prior to using this service.

Long Term Provisioning

If you need equipment on a long-term basis, we would strongly advise that you look at consulting with your department and raising a purchase order after consulting our list of Recommended AV Equipment from authorised suppliers.

Short Term Provisioning

If you need equipment on one off or temporary basis, it may be that we have suitable provisioning within the Loan Stock to prevent you having to make a purchase for one off usage of items. As this is a first come first serve provisioning this is not an advised or reliable long term option for equipment.

Alternatively, we do setup limited high value equipment if no suitable centrally timetabled space, with inbuilt AV, is available or the activity forces a customised setup. Please note AV Services will need at least a weeks’ notice for this activity to provision the correct equipment and staff members. AV Services will not guarantee this option and will review requests, providing guidance if there are more appropriate options.

AV Projects

If you feel like none of these options are suitable for your requirements, you may want to consult with the AV Services team and Ask us a Question.

If you are looking at a larger scale purchase of AV Equipment we would strongly advise you to register an AV Project, as it may be that our project manager can provide useful insight into your particular requirements and savings can be made of purchases at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions regarding purchasing or borrowing AV equipment can be found on our FAQ page.

Alternative Offerings

 ITS Computer Loans & Purchasing

AV Services do not have any involvement in the procurement or loan of any IT equipment such as staff laptops or desktop computers. More information on purchasing guidance can be found via the Main IT Services Computer page. IT Services do offer a similar service for departmental computer loans, more information on can be found here.

 Managed Print Loan Scheme

The Warwick Print team offer a managed print loan scheme for a nominal fee to departments on a first come first serve basis. They also offer a selection of 'ready to go' printers available at short notice.

Just want to talk to someone?

If you'd like to get some advice, you can get hold of us as follows:

024 765 22463
*Please select Audio Visual