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At AV Services, we endeavour to maximise connectivity within our Centrally Timetabled Spaces through standardisations of HDMI, VGA (for legacy devices) and Solstice Wireless Casting.

However, we recognise that with the number of different connections available on modern and legacy devices that your device may not have these common connections. In this case, you will need an adapter to connect to our systems in Centrally Timetabled Spaces.

If you are unsure about what connection your device uses, see our Connectivity page to see if you can identify the connector that your device uses. You can also find our what exact connections are on offer in any particular Centrally Timetabled Space.

When using adapters it is best practise to purchase them for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of your device as purchasing third party adapters, although usually cheaper, can often result in incompatibilities or an increased risk of being a faulty product.

If your device is a University owned device without a HDMI or VGA port we strongly advise that you purchase an adapter from the OEM alongside any new device. Please check your device is on the list of compatible devices for any adapter purchased.

Below are a list of third party adapters sorted by connection type that may work with your device.

All our suggestions are from approved University suppliers that any department may purchase from.

Indicative pricing is subject to change and is included where appropriate and is accurate as of: 20/11/2021

However, AV Services do not take ownership for faulty or incompatible third party adapters and cannot provide, replace or substitute adapters for any staff member or student.

HDMI Adapter Ring

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AD−RING is a stainless steel ring of HDMI adapters that attaches to the provided HDMI display cable in Centrally Timetable Rooms so you can plug different presentation sources into the HDMI cable. Laptops, tablets, smart phones, digital cameras, and net books have a variety of connectors for displaying their content. AD−RING provides the presenter easy access to the appropriate adapter for connection to the HDMI infrastructure. This simple and effective solution supports mobile device content and keeps the adapters secure and in place for the next presenter.

This ring comes with:

  • DisplayPort
  • Mini DisplayPort
  • Mini HDMI
  • USB-C

This is a digital adapter and supports no analogue connections. Supports resolutions up to 4K @60Hz (4:2:0).

CPC Price: £107.00 ex VAT

Purchase via CPC (Approved University supplier)

USB Type C Adapter

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The Dynamode Type-C Multimedia Docking Station is a multi-purpose 4K HDMI adapter as well as legacy VGA adapter, so both current and earlier VGA monitors, projectors and other display devices can be used from almost any USB Type-C port found on notebooks, desktops and mobile devices. Furthermore, a standard 3.5mm phono socket is on-board for stereo output together with a regular sized, USB3 port and standard PD charge port for your devices. Ideal for all operating systems including Windows(tm), Android(tm) and Mac OS X(tm) without any need for driver installation.

    • Up to 5Gbps transfer rate Integral
    • HDMI 4K Output (Supports up to 4K @ 30Hz resolution)
    • 1080p compliant
    • VGA Legacy Output
    • Integral 3.5mm Phono Adapter
    • USB3.0 Port
    • Integral USB-C charge port

    CPC Price: £28.72 ex VAT

    Purchase via CPC (Approved University supplier)

    Display Port

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    Kramer’s ADC−DPM/HF/UHD enables you to connect your DisplayPort™ equipped PC or laptop to a HDMI™ display.

    This active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter is used for true conversion when the source does not support DP++ and can be used in either DisplayPort single−mode or dual−mode outputs.

    ADC−DPM/HF/UHD supports up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) video resolution and HDCP 2.2 CPC

    CPC Price: £22.00 ex VAT

    Purchase via CPC (Approved University supplier)

    Mini Display Port


    Connect your Mini DisplayPort enabled PC or laptop to a DVI, HDMI or VGA display.

    Mini DisplayPort v1.2 dual mode input Supports HDMI output up to 4K (30Hz), DVI-D up to 1080p Full HD and VGA up to 1920x1200

    Automatic power management; enters power saving mode when no output is connected.

    Note: Only one video output is supported at any one time. If multiple connections are made, the output priorities are: 1. DVI, 2. HDMI, 3. VGA

    CPC Price: £13.92 ex VAT

    Purchase via CPC (Approved University supplier)

    Adapters for Apple devices

    Request a quote from Academia Ltd (The Universities authorised Apple supplier)

    For Quotes & Enquiries Contact:
    Tel: 01992 703 900
    USB-C HDMI AV Multiport Adapter Price: £75.00 inc VAT USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter Price: £75.00 inc VAT

    Lightning Digital AV Adapter Price: £49.00 inc VAT

    Belkin Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Price: £29.95 inc VAT

    See our existing guidance on using Apple Macs within teaching rooms for advice on using adapters.

    OEM Adapters for Dell Devices

    Dell (supplying Dell products)
    For Quotes & Enquiries Contact: : Alexandra Perrie: 
    Phone: 01344 373948 / 01344 873953

    Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter - DA310 Price: £90.68 ex VAT

    Dell Adapter- USB-C to Ethernet (PXE Boot) Price: £21.37 ex VAT

    OEM Adapters for HP Devices

    DTP Group (supplying HP products)

    For Quotes & Enquiries Contact: 

    HP Pavilion USB-C to HDMI 2.0 Adapter Price: £25.00 inc VAT HP USB-C to VGA Adapter Price: £25.00 inc VAT