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Digital Signange: FAQs

Who looks after the digital signage content?

Each department has access to manage their own content.

Content is also delivered across the network by the Digital Signage team.

They can be contacted via

My department wants digital signage, what do I do now?

You can request our services online. Tell us where you'd like the screen(s) and a way for us to contact you.

We are happy to discuss different options and the way it might work best for you.

How big are the screens?

The screen can be any size, but we recommend they be at least a minimum of 42".

Can I choose how big my screen is?

Of course. We recommend screens aren't too small so that the text is readable but it's important to get the right size of screen for its location.

What is ONELAN?

ONELAN is our chosen digital signage technology platform.

They make both the hardware and software that runs the service. ONELAN can be used with any TV and gives us great flexibility with what we can deliver.

Do the signage screens have audio?

The screens can have audio although this isn't usually the case. If you think you'll have a need for audio, let us know and we'll discuss the best option.

Can I have TV on my signage screen?

Yes you can! In order to receive live TV to your signage screen you'll need an additional license called a 'Stream-in' license. This is purchased for each screen by way of a one off fee.

This can be purchased at any point so you do not need to make the decision straight away.

Is it possible to have events such as graduation on our screens?

Absolutely. Events such as the graduation ceremonies are delivered the same way as TV, and so require the 'Stream-in' license.

What resolution are the screens?

By default the screens are 1080p although we can support 4k if required.

Redirected from the old Cisco based system?

We have added the following guidance for customers who previously utilised the Cisco based system

Big screen

What happens on the big screen?

By default, the big screen shows a playlist of content, intercut with news during the morning and afternoon. In addition to this, TV is programmed weekly, covering a range of sports, films and educational programming.

Got something you'd like to see on the big screen? Submit your idea on the content ideas form.

The content schedule is updated weekly for the big screen and can be seen at

What resolution is the big screen?

The actual resolution of the big screen is deceptively small, being only 480 by 336 pixels in total.

Can I connect my games console to the big screen?

You certainly can. We've had great success connecting Wiis, XBOX 360s and Play Stations.

Use the content ideas form to ask about getting your console up on the screen.