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Customer Responsibilities

Server setup

The storage network is technically quite complex, and so it is important that any equipment connected to it has been approved by our storage vendor. In addition, in order to reduce our support concerns, IT Services further limits the range of host server and HBA hardware we approve for this kind of connection.

  • Approved host server hardware and software
    Ensure that host server hardware and operating systems are configurations supported by the SAN vendor and approved by IT Services.
  • Approved HBA
    Ensure that the make and model of HBA used to connect the server to the storage network is approved by IT Services.
  • Approved HBA software
    Ensure that all HBA firmware, drivers and associated software is obtained from IT Services.

Change control

IT Services uses change control procedures to plan and implement changes to our systems. This increases our ability to predict requirements and identify and minimise risk to the storage network as a whole.

  • Register changes with IT Services
    All changes to the host servers which might impact the SAN must be logged as Service Requests with IT Services, they will then be tracked through the IT Services change control system. The change cannot take place until the time has been agreed by the Service Team.
    • Attaching or detaching a host server connection from the storage network
    • Configuration changes which affect any of the customer responsibilities listed above

Server administration

Some responsibilities are not directly related to how the host server connects to the SAN and the storage network.

  • Data backup
    IT Services provides a Backup and Recovery Service, but it is not included as part of the SAN Service. In the event of a disaster causing data to be corrupted or lost from the SAN, any data which would need to be recovered must have been backed up to an alternative location, e.g. Tape.
  • Storage availability
    Ensure that host servers can be shut down or configured to operate without using SAN storage when requested by IT Services. Under normal conditions, this planned downtime typically occur twice per year and no more than four times per year. A minimum of 2 weeks notice will be given by IT Services. It is strongly recommended that a full data backup should be in taken immediately prior to a planned shutdown to protect against unforeseen data loss during the shutdown.

Departmental administration

In order to run the storage services efficiently, IT Services will need to liaise with departmental staff in connection with how the host servers are being managed.

  • Owner and Administrators
    Ensure there is an ‘Owner’ responsible for payment of charges and ownership of the data, and a Server Administration Team responsible for the technical compliance.
  • Administrator availability
    Ensure that a server Administrator is available to be contacted in the event of a Major Incident (MI).
  • Major Incidents
    In the event of an MI IT Services may request a shutdown at short notice. IT Services' Major Incident Manager would include the customer in the MI management process.