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Backup & Recovery

IT Services offer a reliable & secure managed backup service. It is available for servers you maintain, or as an add-on to services provided by IT Services (such as Shared Windows Filestore or hosted virtual machines).

To provide this service, we use CommVault 11 software and host dedicated servers & SAN storage. The system currently holds over 8.5 billion protected objects, totalling 5.8PB.

Contact the ITS helpdesk to:

- Request a file restore from an ITS shared drive/ H Drive.

- Request advice about protecting your server.

Commvault protects operating systems, databases, server applications and large file stores.

We protect both virtual and physical servers.

Backups run on an automated schedule.

Usually daily at 20:30

Client-side compression & deduplication reduce backup time and data sent over the network.
AES encryption protects backup data over the network and when stored.
Synthetic fulls combine daily backups to create a new full.
We can daily protect filesystems in the tens of terabytes without experiencing excessive and prolonged production server load.
Encrypted backup data is sent to a dedicated physically secure facility. Recovery data also copied to other secure facilities for redundancy.

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