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Campus Print Review 2015

What are we doing?

We're reviewing our print, copy, scan and fax infrastructure to make it more efficient.

We did this before in 2011. 2015's audit will mirror the work we did in 2011, helping us to gauge the progress our Managed Print Service has made.

Likely benefits include:

  • Reducing the environmental impact of printing.
  • A more reliable print infrastructure with clear service levels and a better fit to your needs.
  • Reducing operational print costs.
  • Increasing the availability of secure Pull Printing.
  • More widespread access to secure mobileprint technologies.
  • Increasing the availability of Scan to Email and Scan to Folder.
  • Updating the Future State Design and vision for our Managed Print Service in 2020

To achieve these goals, we're working with NewField IT, a company who specialise in this type of thing and were responsible for the 2011 review.

When will this audit happen?

NewField IT staff are expected on site from Monday 7 December 2015 to Friday 18 December 2015. The audit will resume on Monday 4 January 2016, and we expect it to take another 4 to 5 weeks.

Whilst we will endeavour to provide a notice period wherever possible you will appreciate that due to the nature of the audit, the number of locations covered, and the wide variety of hardware involved it is very difficult to know exactly when our team will visit and indeed how long they will take to complete a particular area.

By design the audit will be a fluid exercise, however please see our guide below for an indication of when we are expected within your building.

See our planned audit locations and current progress

Who will carry out this work?

Two auditors will catalogue the current print infrastructure. They'll work closely with our team throughout the audit.

They are: Claire Sutton and David Colli with Megan Themistocleous providing cover for the 1st week only.

How will I recognise them?

They will have a University of Warwick ID card and a Newfield IT ID Card.

How will they gain access to each building/office?

The Security team will give them internal master keys. We'll also be on hand to escort them around some areas as needed. On some occasions local support and IT staff will also escort them.

What will they do to the hardware they find?

They'll record the device on their tablet, capturing as much info as possible (make, model, age and usage). The device's location will also be recorded and added to NewField's electronic floorplan of the building.

Once audited, NewField will put a bar code sticker on the device. If they can't complete the audit, they'll leave a note in the area concerned.

Your hardware will not be removed or recycled by NewField or by IT Services at any point.

Any exisiting stickers/labels with department specific barcodes or asset tags will not be moved, removed or hidden by the new barcode stickers.

What is in scope of the audit?

All locally and network connected printers, copiers, scanners and fax units are in scope. We'll consider all staff areas in scope unless a specific request is made in advance to exclude the area.

If you bought the device with a Research Grant we'd still like to include it since the audit is designed to record all the print-related activity on campus. That way we have a more detailed and rounded view of use at this point in time.

Any areas you won't audit?

Apart from a small portion of the Student Print Estate in open areas, the student residences are out of scope and Newfield IT will not visit them.

When will the results be published?

We expect some initial findings to be published towards the middle to end of February 2016. We'll post the info on our pages as soon as we have it.

Any queries?

If you have any questions or concerns about this audit, please contact ITS via helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk or via internal telephone on 73737.