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Project Management Office (PMO): About us

Why invest in an ITS Project Manager for My Project?

Looking across all sectors the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Pulse of the Profession 2019 survey found that organisations wasted almost 12% of their investment in project spend last year due to poor project management. At Warwick, most colleagues know of a project that has not delivered the changes and benefits it set out to. Put simply, you stand a far better chance of getting the changes and benefits you want when you want them if you employ an ITS Project Manager and follow their advice. This particularly applies if your project is complex, cross-departmental, high budget, high risk or a combination of these.

To date, all of the projects we have completed have delivered the changes and benefits asked of them and some have exceeded expectations.

What kinds of projects does the PMO team manage?

We manage projects that introduce new technology, improving the way teams work.

What makes a good Project Manager?

Good project managers are people-oriented; they enjoy interacting with colleagues, recognise emotions and empathise with others.

Project managers are also confident in their ability to remain calm in stressful conditions, and be flexible when plans don’t go as expected.

They also see the big picture and keep a vigilant focus on the project’s goal. Good project managers are creative, they bring a new perspective to the table and identify multiple solutions to problems.

What does a Project Manager do?

If you want your project to do well it needs careful planning and management to keep it on time, within budget and up to the quality you're looking for. A professional Project Manager will have the necessary expertise and experience to:

  • Work proactively with your team to drive the project forward.
  • Work with a defined structure, planning and coordinating everything to help you achieve your desired result.
  • Recognise when a project is no longer viable and recommend that it is halted.
  • Use resources efficiently.
  • Satisfy the differing needs of those affected by the project and work in ambiguous environments.
  • Anticipate risks and manage the issues that occur.
  • Work autonomously and manage where required.

Do I have a project?

You have a project if you:

  • Have something new you want to bring to Warwick – usually a product or a service.
  • Can build a business case outlining what we'll gain from the project and what resources you'll need to go through with it.
  • Have a sponsor - a senior manager who takes overall accountability for the project and makes sure it brings the benefits outlined in your business case.

Is your project ready for a Project Manager?

Before you look to appoint a Project Manager check that the following criteria has been met:

  • The required funding is in place.
  • The Business Case has been approved by the funding body.
  • There is a Project team available to support the Project Manager.
  • The timeframe for implementation has been agreed.
  • The Project Brief has been completed.

Does the PMO charge for its services?

Our coaching service is free of charge. We charge £390 per day for employing one of our team for project management services. But this charge is much less expensive for the University than using an external contract project manager.

Want to learn more?

Contact us for an informal discussion about how we can help take your project forward.

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