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Current Projects

Take a look at all of the live projects that we're working on now and the prospects that we are currently scoping.
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New Phone System

Through this project we will take the existing phone system the University currently uses, and bring it up to date. The end result will see our community collaborating more effectively.

Project Manager: Helen Anderson 


A programme of several related projects to introduce a new people management information system which will improve the HR information available to managers and make simple HR actions paper-free.

Find out more from the Working@Warwick website.

Programme Manager: Gillian Lane

Project Manager for Performance and Goals: Louise Goodyear

Universal Admissions

This project will deliver a Universal Admissions system which will provide:

* an enhanced application experience for applicants

* converged processes for the administration of applications regardless of the applicant route and type of course

* management reports and the capturing of all applicant information.

Project Manager: Kim Dalziel

Student Support Case Management

The implementation of a student support service will see a more coherent approach to managing student cases and interventions. The identified solution will create an automated workflow, ensure data can be stored and managed to meet new legal constraints and provide data for reporting.

Project Manager: Louise Goodyear

GDPR Institutional Log

This project is a workstream of the University's GDPR Project which has been instigated to comply with the new GDPR regulations becoming law in May 2018. In this workstream IT Services will be establishing an institutional systems log with identified data owners for each system.

Project Manager: Gillian Lane

Coming soon (being scoped)

Hazardous Materials Register

This project will implement an inventory system that will provide an asset and tracking system of chemicals, initially within a couple of departments and then, pending successful implementation, across campus. The Project Manager will be Helen Anderson.

Module Approval

The project will implement a module approval process and IT system which will provide a more efficient and automated process from start to finish, introduce a revised electronic MA1 form and create centralised information. The Project Manager will be Tarny Athwal.

“I just wanted to say that the ‘phones in the calling room are working great. Thank you so much for arranging the switch to the phones with displays, and doing all the testing –and thank you to the rest of your team who worked flat out to get the phones installed on time”.

Sam Burdock, UoW Development Office

PM meeting

“. . . if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”
- Woody Williams, Senior Project Manager, Smiling Coyote Farm, US