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Current Projects

Here are many of the live projects that we're working on now, as well as some that are 'on hold' due to changing priorities. We have also several prospects that we are currently scoping and which may become projects.

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Universal Admissions

This project will deliver a Universal Admissions system which will provide:

* an enhanced application experience for applicants

* converged processes for the administration of applications regardless of the applicant route and type of course

* management reports and the capturing of all applicant information.

Project Manager: Kat Greenwood


The project will implement a suite of standards enabling the University of Warwick to publish authoritative information on servers and service providers that are authorised to send email on behalf of the University of Warwick. The standards include DKIM, DMARC and SPF. 

When the University publishes definitive information on originators of its emails organisations receiving these emails will be able to use this information to verify that an incoming email is legitimate and then continue to deliver that email. Emails that fail verification will not be delivered, reducing the security risk from spoofed emails with a malicious content.  

Project Manager: Helen Anderson

Module Approval

The project will implement a module approval process and IT system which will provide a more efficient and automated process from start to finish, introduce a revised electronic MA1 form and create centralised information.

Project Manager: James Winterman

Doctoral College Scholarships

This project will enable the University’s Graduate School to continue to manage scholarships and bursaries when Universal Admissions is launched September 2019.

Project Manager: Kat Greenwood

Scholarships and Bursaries

This project will draw on 00068 Doctoral College Scholarships. It will explore current practice in departments which award Undergraduate scholarships & bursaries, and recommend an appropriate solution for handling awards. User groups will ensure key stakeholders around the University are involved in shaping the solution.

Project Manager: Kat Greenwood

Student Finance

The project is to implement two distinct improvements. One part comprises a SITS to SAP data interface. The second is improvements to the processes around the collection of student debt. The debt management improvements will focus on reducing manual processes and identifying types of debt. It will improve the student experience by eliminating occurrences of students being contacted unnecessarily about monies owed to the University. It will also help compliance with CMA guidelines.  

Project Manager: Emma Welbeck

Network Replacement and Security Programme (NRSP)

This programme is about the implementation of a university-wide network and security refresh utilising the latest generation of hardware and equipment. Along with improved network and security capabilities, the project will also allow for the much needed replacement of existing end-of-life equipment. The new network will provide the resilience and capacity to allow the university to support research, teaching, and learning, in the foreseeable future.

There are about 15 projects in the programme, ranging from upgrading campus cabling and replacing routers to implementing new firewalls and technology to enable a safer and more resilient network.

Project Manager: Kim Dalziel

Legacy Telecoms System Removal

This project will prepare the comms rooms for Network Replacement and Security Programme by removing legacy equipment from Converged Enterprise Telephony. Legacy equipment will be disposed of through a controlled process.

Project Manager: James Farnhill

Device Security Initiative

Project Manager: Helen Anderson

Working at Warwick

The introduction of a new people management information system which will improve the HR information available to Managers and make simple HR actions paper-free. The system will also:

  • Give managers and staff the tools to find the right solutions
  • Source, identify, develop, track and retain talent
  • Allow forecasting & financial planning
  • Provide high quality and cost effective HR, organisation development & learning services

Project Manager: James Winterman

Projects on hold

These projects have been paused.

Marks Management

Currently there are multiple technical solutions being used in managing marks across departments. This project will make system, process and policy changes towards marks management, with the aim of supporting a central exam board solution for use by all departments.
The project will support a more efficient staff and student experience, with a clear approach to managing marks end to end, and increased visibility for students on their learning progress.

Project Manager: Kat Greenwood

Mitigating Circumstances 2

This projects extends the functionality of the earlier Mitigating Circumstances project which has now closed. The objectives are to implement universal processes for handling Self-Certifications, Extensions, and Deferral of Examinations across the University that are compliant with GDPR legislation.

Project Manager: Emma Welbeck

Module Selection System

Project Manager: James Winterman

Study Abroad

The project will create an online portal for students to apply for and manage their placements and for the Study Abroad team to manage placements.

Project Manager: Emma Welbeck

WBS Course Instalments

This project will develop the capacity for WBS MBA students to pay their course fees by instalments during the course.

Project Manager: Emma Welbeck

Course and Module Catalogue

This project follows on from Course Approval and Module Approval which will deliver a robust data collection and approval process for new and revised courses and module. The aim is to create an accurate and complete set of data.

Project Manager: James Winterman

“I just wanted to say that the ‘phones in the calling room are working great. Thank you so much for arranging the switch to the phones with displays, and doing all the testing –and thank you to the rest of your team who worked flat out to get the phones installed on time”.

Sam Burdock, UoW Development Office

PM meeting

“. . . if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.”
- Woody Williams, Senior Project Manager, Smiling Coyote Farm, US