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Windows Servers

Reliable, resilient and secure server, web and SQL services

We provide a stable platform for your applications to run on. We take care of the IT infrastructure and support required by the applications you need to use, including backing up your application and data. You just need to manage the tailoring of the application to suit your requirements and, once set up, manage the quality of your data.

We work with application administrators and suppliers to help troubleshoot any issues and to provide support during upgrades. We also manage the underlying VM (Virtual Machine) hardware and provision VM nodes for other IT teams.

We can help you design your servers and then build the appropriate architecture for your application. We'll organise the hardware, set up the operating system, manage the database, and deal with all aspects of running and maintaining the server – from keeping the server patched and virus-free to full disaster recovery, if ever needed.

Provisioning could be one server for a single application right up to systems which can handle large requests from both inside and outside the University.

Services summary

  • Windows 2016 (Server), IIS (Web), MS SQL 2016 (Database) – managed in-house, no cost up to the application layer
  • For Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP – see ITS Linux Hosting

Please Note: As from May 2020 we are unable to host Oracle Java due to the licencing issues, Java may be run if it instead uses the open source version. More information here

Other services

If you can't see a service that suits your requirements or can't find what you're looking for, we're here to help – contact us through the IT Services Help Desk. If we're unable to provide a service you require ourselves we can put you in touch with companies who can, while helping and guiding you through the process.

Our service is designed to help customers move away from having servers running locally through providing higher redundancy and resiliency. Next time you need to update a server we can help you move this into a centralised, controlled and managed environment taking the worry out of running your own service.

Typical single application (case study)

Example 1

An academic wants to run an open source ASP .Net application to help students with course revision and testing. After discussing the user requirements, finding the application's requirements and negotiating local support for the application, we provide two virtual servers:

  1. One server to host the web element where end users access the application's information.
  2. Another server to host the database elements of the software.
The total cost to the customer is zero.

Example 2

A department wants to centralise an application that currently runs in their own department to provide greater resilience and less reliance on single points of failure.

We're able to help migrate the application to central services. We provide the underlying servers in readiness for the application to be migrated. Once migrated, the service resilience is improved and local support overhead reduced.

The total cost to the customer is for ongoing application maintenance and support.

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Frequently asked questions

To discuss your requirements, contact us at

Support hours

Monday–Friday, 9:00–17:30


Costs for University staff's use of a Windows VM are free up to the application layer including the hardware, server/SQL licences, backup and support time. Application support maintenance and licences will need to be purchased by the customer (where applicable).