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Server Provisioning FAQs




What are the supported web platforms?
We currently support IIS on Windows. Any application written with standard HTML or ASP .NET should work fine, however we recommend that you confirm this with your supplier or developer if possible. If you wish to use PHP/Apache, then you can use the Linux Service.

What should I be programming in?
We recommend you use a language that you are comfortable with, using version control wherever possible. You may find using ASP .Net or C# provides the best results. Please be aware that you may need to purchase tools to program in i.e. Visual Studio although these can be purchased at educational costs.

I want to use PHP; can you help?
Yes, if you need PHP you should be looking at the Linux Service.

Can I use the university's Single Sign-on service?
We currently cannot support this though our service. There are instructions that can be followed to set up this functionality on Linux machines, but we are unable to support you with this.

Do you have SSL certificates I could use? Or do I need to get my own?
Yes, we can supply SSL certificates for you using the university's certificates.

Can I get my own domain name /sub-domain i.e. or
We can provide either although there may be a cost with obtaining your own domain name.


I want to run a Windows application but it uses MySQL as the database. Can you help?
If the database is managed as part of the application and no support is required then this is supported by the application developer. However it should be checked with the application vendor that the database is backed up and updated. If it is not managed as part of the application then come and speak to us.


I want to run some open source software, and I'd like to run it on a server, can I get help supporting it?
We may be able to help you install the software (depending on its complexity) but support will need to come from your local IT support group.

Do I need to buy support for my application?
Yes. The suppliers of the software will know far more about their application and how to fix any issues than IT services. This will also ensure that you have important patches and gain access to developments / improvements in the software.

I don't know much about IT; do I need to be involved in the support?
This is why it is critical to have support contracts in place, allowing your application supplier to fix any issues that may arise; we will resolve any server problems if they occur.

I have an application vendor who wants to get to the server, is this possible?
This is no problem, we can set up access for your vendor to get in and maintain your server application.

Can I get help installing a client application which works with the server application being installed?
We can help with up to 3 client application installs, to get you up and working and to ensure your application is working correctly. We can provide the instructions needed to install the client. The local support team will need to manage any more installs than this.

I would like to use a USB dongle licence / other USB device, is this possible?
We currently do not provide support for USB devices attached to virtual servers, although we are looking into this, so please ask.

Our requirements need a modem; is this possible?
We can't currently attach any physical hardware directly to a VM as this prevents the redundancy and resilience of the service. We are investigating solutions to get round this issue.

I know I need an application to do a specific function/role but don't know where to go from here?
We may be able to help. If not we can pass you onto your ITSA who will be able to help you choose the right product for your requirements.

I can't find the answer to my question?
Please send us a question or email the IT helpdesk at helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk.

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