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Sitebuilder 2.247 - 21st October 2011 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.247 was released on 21st October 2011. Highlights from this release include:

General fixes and improvements

  • Uploading over 20 files at once in compatible browsers no longer throws an error
  • ID6 sites no longer have errors where the editor prompts to switch to the other column incorrectly
  • Calendar popups no longer appear off the page in ID6
  • Editing pages in ID6 should now be much more reliable
  • Embedded forum pages now correctly redirect to signing in if the user can't view the page


  • [SBTWO-4478] - Uploading multiple files leads to extremely long URLs
  • [SBTWO-4839] - Sometimes no-click barriers prevent clicking on the editor
  • [SBTWO-4849] - On short pages, it can be impossible to navigate very wide hierarchies by the "Show all" link
  • [SBTWO-4857] - ID6: Calendar popups can open off-page
  • [SBTWO-4863] - scripts are included in editor, often breaking it
  • [SBTWO-4879] - Formsbuilder date picker appearing at bottom of page in IE7
  • [SBTWO-4896] - Improve booking/unavailability clashes for admins
  • [SBTWO-4907] - Up/down arrows don't work for Go suggestions on homepage
  • [SBTWO-4908] - Job queue should better handle when a target page is missing
  • [SBTWO-4909] - '+' character will not display ahead of phone numbers in Sitebuilder when trying to include dialling codes
  • [SBTWO-4913] - img.full-width still has max-width set on it so it can never be natural size
  • [SBTWO-4916] - Embedded forum signon not working
  • [SBTWO-4917] - Event item breaks over side of screen in ID6 pages when selected


  • [SBTWO-4881] - Switch from X-UA-Compatible meta tag to HTTP header
  • [SBTWO-4887] - Remove background-image from html and body on small screens
  • [SBTWO-4889] - device-width viewport tag for plain rendition
  • [SBTWO-4901] - TOT checkboxes a bit out of alignment with text