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How are pages ranked in Warwick Search?

Several factors affect ranking in relation to a particular search query. A document containing more of the query's terms receives a higher score than another document with fewer matching query terms.

For every term in a query:

  • Documents with more occurrences of a given term receive a higher score.
  • Rarer terms (in all documents) give a higher contribution to the total score than common terms. For example, in the search query Warwick compiler, the term Warwick has less effect on a result than compiler.

Also, where you place a term in a SiteBuilder page affects results:

  • Content in the right-hand side counts half as much as centre content.
  • Terms in the page heading score much higher.
  • Terms formatted as Header 2, Header 3, Header 4, Header 5 or Header 6 score higher.
  • The root of the site scores much higher. For example, a page located at scores higher than, even if example/ has exactly the same content.

See the Lucene documentation for more technical information about how document scoring works.

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