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What type of content is included in searches?

The search engine indexes different types of content:

Standard SiteBuilder pages

The search engine indexes the content of standard SiteBuilder pages, including surrounding content in page templates such as sitemaps and calendars.

The indexer parses the raw HTML and removes any HTML tags, leaving just the page content itself. The indexer also indexes the page description stored in page properties, which isn't visible on the page.

News and calendar pages

The search engine indexes news and calendar page templates too, in particular the Abstract and Detail fields of news and calendar items.

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations

The search engine attempts to read common file formats and convert them into text, which can then be searched:

  • Word documents (Word Document) (Word Document)
  • Excel spreadsheets (Excel Spreadsheet) (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • PowerPoint presentations (Powerpoint Presentation) (Powerpoint Presentation)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) documents (RTF file)
  • PDF documents (PDF Document)
  • Postscript documents (Postscript file)

The search engine indexes these files in the same way as it indexes standard SiteBuilder pages. Their Short title shows as the title in search results. The Description field affects where the document appears in search results, as well as the file's content.

Warwick Research Archive Portal

The search engine includes research papers stored in WRAP (Warwick Research Archive Portal), the University's institutional repository of full text, open access research.

Images, audio and video

Search results include GIF, JPEG and PNG images, MP3 audio and MP4 video files. Results are based on the file's title and contents of the Description and Keywords fields.


First name, surname, course and year of study are all indexed by the search engine.


The search engine indexes the following from Warwick Blogs:

  • Blog entries – the title, content and tags of the blog entry are used in search results.
  • Images – images uploaded to galleries appear in search results when their description or tags match the search term.

Exam papers

The search engine indexes the year, department, module code and title of past exam papers made available by University departments.

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