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SiteBuilder example page

Hi, !

SiteBuilder works with Warwick IT accounts to give you control over who has permissions to view or edit your content.

This also enables you to add personalisation: use a signed-in visitor's name, like the heading above, or include conditional content only visible to specific users or web groups.


Embed video in your page by uploading the file directly to SiteBuilder, or from video-sharing sites like YouTube:

Block layouts

This row of content blocks is one of many standard block layouts available in the Components Editor, enabling you to create columns and rows.

Edit block style, change column widths and rearrange components to create your ideal layout.


Use a search box on your page to help visitors find what they're looking for on your site:


Make lists of links stand out using our Buttons component:

Ready-made page layouts

This page uses a completely custom layout, but we also provide a range of ready-made page layouts to get you started.