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SiteBuilder help


Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
How to report a problem

Get started

What SiteBuilder is, request a new website, get access to edit, addresses and navigation

Create pages

Start a new blank page or use templates for things like glossaries, calendars and forms

Edit content

Use the new Components Editor or the classic visual editor to create layouts, add text, images, video and other content to your pages

Page properties

Change the page template, heading, contact, title tag, navigation label and other page-level metadata


Insert links, anchors and email addresses, and check your site for broken links

Manage pages

Copy, move, rename, delete, restore or redirect pages


Upload documents, link to files, and convert video and audio files to play on the web


Assign permissions to groups and individuals to control who can view or edit pages

Help with content types

More advanced topics


Request a short URL that redirects to a SiteBuilder page


Optimise your pages for search indexing, and add a search box to your website


Set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, or view basic statistics in SiteBuilder

Site admin

Specify site settings, download a content report, compare and restore previous versions, schedule changes to pages

Developer documentation

SiteBuilder APIs

Code samples and advice on getting started, working with pages and files, using SiteBuilder's data feeds and troubleshooting

Web architecture APIs

Notes for developers on HTTPS interfaces, Single Sign-on, SiteBuilder, WebGroups, Search.Warwick and FormsBuilder