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Page templates available in SiteBuilder

The templates below are available to choose when you create a new page in SiteBuilder.

Note: Most of the old visual (classic) editor templates are available in the Components Editor, either as page templates or as components.

Page template


A default blank page.

Show a calendar of events. Use this page as a source to feed upcoming events to other parts of your site.

Show a feed of events taken from a calendar page template and filter the feed by tags.

Embed the content of another SiteBuilder page. The content feed page automatically updates when someone edits the source page. Replaced with the Content feed component in the Components Editor.

Show a list of pages or files located directly beneath the page.

Create a list of links, publications, tasks, FAQs, or generic data. This page type is usually used as a source for other feeds, such as a Filtered data list or Data entry content feed.

Show data from a spreadsheet to visitors based on their University number.

Display items from a Data list page with selected tags.

Capture information such as registrations, bookings or surveys. Download submission data as a spreadsheet or .pdf.

Display a report generated by a form dataset on a web page.

Add a discussion forum on your website.

Show thumbnail images in a grid format, which open at full size when you select them.

Show a glossary of terms. This is also used as a source for the [glossary] magic tag.

Create a page containing blocks of information that can be filtered using assigned tags.

Create a page to display information about a specific module.

Create a list of news items. You can also use this page template as a source for a News filter page or News feed component.

Show a subset of news items filtered by tags.

Publish podcast episodes with audio and video players.

Design a multiple choice quiz.

Provide a means for visitors to manage resource bookings such as equipment, shared space or an appointment with a staff member.

Embed the content of an RSS feed on your page. Replaced with the RSS feed component in the Components Editor

Show a list of recent changes to your site.

Show links to pages and files on your site in a tree structure.

Show a list of subsites beneath the current page.

Upload images to the page and display them in a slideshow. Replaced in the Components Editor with the Carousel component.

Provide a way to filter content by a list of keywords specified in page properties.

Write content using the Textile markup language instead of using the Components Editor.