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Tabula release notes

Tabula 2022.9.2 released

We released Tabula 2022.9.2 on Wednesday 14th September 2022. In this version we fixed a bug where the Safari browser would attempt to load the same image multiple times.

Fri 16 Sep 2022, 12:13

Tabula 2022.9.1 released

We released Tabula 2022.9.1 on Wednesday 7th September 2022. In this version we fixed a bug where Small Group attendance pages would not correctly display users with missing photos.

Fri 16 Sep 2022, 12:11

Tabula 2022.8.5 released

We released Tabula 2022.8.5 on Wednesday 31st August 2022. In this version we:

  • Fixed a bug where the progress bar for module marking was showing an incorrect status in some cases, for example for permanently withdrawn (PWD) students.
  • Solved an issue on the Process Module Marks page where tooltips for alert icons near the edge of the page were not fully visible.
Fri 16 Sep 2022, 12:09

Tabula 2022.8.4 released

We released Tabula 2022.8.4 on Wednesday 24th August 2022. In this version we fixed an issue with result calculations for overCATed students in situations where some modules had no academic year specified in SITS.

Fri 16 Sep 2022, 12:07

Tabula 2022.8.3 released

We released Tabula 2022.8.3 on Wednesday 17th August 2022. In this version we fixed the method Tabula uses to check a student's level when releasing marks to take account of part-time students.

Fri 16 Sep 2022, 12:06

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