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Web Services


This is the University's web publishing tool. You can use SiteBuilder to manage your own site via the web without needing technical skills.

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Is a tool to support the administration of teaching and learning in academic departments. Staff can manage per-student information such as coursework.

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My Warwick

A mobile application which will show you personalised data from many systems including timetabling, coursework, the Library, the Sports Centre, etc.

Web design

We can help you to create effective, usable websites by providing you with site designs, homepage layouts, copywriting, advice and support.

Single Sign-on

A single authentication service for many of our web applications, including two factor auth for added security.

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A tool to send, receive and share files. You can upload files and access them anywhere online.

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  • Standard website

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – then submit a new site requirements form. We will implement your site free of charge.

  • Standard website plus additional design

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – we will implement your site and provide additional graphic design, copywriting, or tailored advice and support.

  • Copywriting

    We can write copy for your site on your behalf, review and edit existing copy, or train your team how to write effectively for online audiences.

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NRSP: planning for Network integration

The NRSP project team is currently working towards the integration of two networks - the new infrastructure with our current network - so that traffic can flow between them, in preparation for user pilots.

Four main changes have been identified:
  1. Connecting the new network to the current Data Centre (date confirmed as Thursday 22 April).
  2. Connecting the new network to the Internet
  3. Data traffic integration to allow data to pass between the new and current networks
  4. Start of User Pilots

As part of this process, the project team is consulting widely with University colleagues to identify any poten…

Please complete the survey of mobile phone/device usage

We recently wrote about IDG’s Network & Telecoms project to survey the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices across the University.

It's important for us to get accurate, up-to-date information on how many, and what kinds of mobile phones and other mobile devices are being used for University business, so if you use a mobile phone/device to access university systems, whether University or privately-owned, please complete the survey by clicking here: UoW - Mobile Phone Survey. Please encourage your teams and colleagues to do so too. The response so far has been very positive, but the m…

Recent and new activity

  • My Warwick, our new mobile app, has launched to a wider body of students
  • Coursework management new marking workflows including double blind marking workflow have now all been released, check of requirements and minor tweaks to exam grids are expected
  • Currently working on changes to People Search to facilitate the new telephone system
  • Replace the eRefs system with one that works on our new infrastructure
  • Providing single sign-on support for Warwick's new HR system

Service analytics

We report monthly and annual metrics on the following services and activities:

Number Metric What we measure
1 Website performance Time to load a web page on and off campus
2 Website activity Number of page views, edits made and editors using the web site
3 Support volume Volume of support calls received
4 Support response Percentage of support calls handled within agreed target times