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Web Team


This is the University's web publishing tool. You can use SiteBuilder to manage your own site via the web without needing technical skills.

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Is a tool to support the administration of teaching and learning in academic departments. Staff can manage per-student information such as coursework.

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My Warwick

A mobile application which will show you personalised data from many systems including timetabling, coursework, the Library, the Sports Centre, etc.

Web design

We can help you to create effective, usable websites by providing you with site designs, homepage layouts, copywriting, advice and support.

Single Sign-on

A mandatory University policy for all staff to use two-step authentication is being rolled out between March-May 2018.

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A tool to send, receive and share files. You can upload files and access them anywhere online.

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  • Standard website

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – then submit a new site requirements form. We will implement your site free of charge.

  • Standard website plus additional design

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – we will implement your site and provide additional graphic design, copywriting, or tailored advice and support.

  • Copywriting

    We can write copy for your site on your behalf, review and edit existing copy, or train your team how to write effectively for online audiences.

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Fri 14 Feb '20
How to work remotely with China: collaboration and virtual connections

To support staff and students affected directly or indirectly by the coronavirus outbreak we have created a guide to working remotely with those in mainland China while travel restrictions are in place. For more general help and support, please see the Advice for the Warwick community on new Coronavirus outbreak.

This guide is a summary of IT Services understanding on 10th February 2020. It is NOT a guarantee that these services will work in China. The situation is still changing, and in addition, many services are dependent on the user's specific device, software and network access. This guid…

Tue 28 Jan '20
Student two step authentication for better security

To keep data secure, over the coming weeks we’ll be asking you to take an extra step when signing into Warwick systems. This means you’ll be asked to enter a code when logging in from unrecognised devices. Find out more…

Wed 19 Feb '20
Unavailable internet for up to 5 minutes per change: Tues 23 March 20 between 6:30 to 8:30am

What are we doing?

We're updating network equipment at the University. This task is to replace the routers that connect us to the Internet. We are coming to the end of the support contract with the manufacturer of these routers and if a router suddenly failed we might be unable to fix it.

What will happen?

Changing the routers will take up to five minutes each. During each change, the Internet will NOT be available.
This work is scheduled to take place on Tuesday the 3rd of March from 6:30 to 8:30 am.

For advice or support, please contact us via email: nrsp at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Recent and new activity

  • My Warwick, our new mobile app, has launched to a wider body of students
  • Coursework management new marking workflows including double blind marking workflow have now all been released, check of requirements and minor tweaks to exam grids are expected
  • Currently working on changes to People Search to facilitate the new telephone system
  • Replace the eRefs system with one that works on our new infrastructure
  • Providing single sign-on support for Warwick's new HR system

Service analytics

We report monthly and annual metrics on the following services and activities:

Number Metric What we measure
1 Website performance Time to load a web page on and off campus
2 Website activity Number of page views, edits made and editors using the web site
3 Support volume Volume of support calls received
4 Support response Percentage of support calls handled within agreed target times