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Host a Network License

Service Description

IDG can host the licensing software for an application for use on the Warwick network. From a technical perspective we can host anything that will run on Windows Server, although we cannot guarantee that we can host any and all license files. License files that are found to be incompatible will not be hosted.

What information do we need to be able to host a license file?

  • A copy of the licensing software or details of where it can be downloaded.
  • Proof of purchase and any support agreement.*
  • Any installation instructions.

What will IT Services do?

  • If it is an application that IDG deliver we will test that the license works.

  • If IDG do not deliver the application we will not test whether the license file works. We will expect the requester to verify that it does.


  • Licensing Servers will normally be available 24/7, but we only guarantee availability during normal working hours.
  • Servers hosting licensing software will occasionally be unavailable for up to five minutes whilst routine maintenance is performed. This unavailability should not affect already running instances of software that relies upon the licensing software.

Updating the License

The requester will need to provide IT Services with an updated license file at renewal in a timely fashion.

What doesn't the Service provide?

  • We do not have a mechanism for controlling usage.
  • IDG will not provide usage information.
  • It is not the responsibility of IDG to notify you when your license is about to expire.


If there is no support agreement the license will only be hosted for as long as it is deemed safe to do so. If for example it only runs on Windows 2003 servers or Windows 2008 servers which are End Of Life (EOL) or if a security vulnerability is introduced and no patch is provided, IDG reserve the right to refuse to host the license beyond the decommissioning of the servers.