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Workstation Application Delivery

Please Note: The Linux Desktop service is still operating normally, but is no longer looked after by Application Delivery. Calls for support can still be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk on 73737 for the attention of the Linux Platform team.

The IDG Linux Desktop

The service defines the operating system that can be supported as a Managed desktop. This is currently CentOS and is only available to the Mathematics Department and the student workarea A0.01.

Applications provided during install:

A set of core applications are provided as part of the install process. This software is available to all customers. These applications are agreed with the Mathematics department.

Forced Application Provision:

Some applications are provided as RPM packages. These are pushed to all Linux Desktops at startup or shutdown of the machine. Applications provided this way are available to all customers.

Server Based Application provision:

A volume is mounted on the Linux machines via NFS which makes applications available that are too large to distribute by other means. Anything put in /apps is instantly available to every Linux machine.


Standard Service Requests:

1. Request that a new piece of software is delivered. The media and license information must be made available. The method of delivery will be dependent upon the particular piece of software, how it is packaged, and how many customers intend to use it. The department must provide information regarding who will be using the software and where it will be used.

2. Remove an old version of software or a piece of software that is no longer required.

3. Set up a network printer.

Note: For all Standard Service Requests a support call should be raised, see our contact details on the ITS homepage.


Responsibilities of the Application Delivery team:

1. Advise the customer group of major changes to the OS.

2. Advise the customer group before removing access to a software package. When a new version of the software supersedes the existing version.

3. Advise the customer group when upgrading from one version of software to another.

4. Inform the customer if we cannot deploy an item of software.


Responsibilities of the Customer:

1. When requesting software for an Academic programe or research project one months notice is required.

2. Provide the media and licensing information if required.

3. Test that software provided works according to expectations.

4. Inform IDG if the software is no longer needed.



  • This service is normally available 24*7, but IT support for this service is only provided during normal working hours.
  • The service does not include delivery to non-standard workstations.



This service is free at the point of use.