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Getting Started with my Managed Windows 10 Desktop

Getting Started Guide


Welcome to the IDG Managed Windows 10 Desktop.

This page is here to get you started using the Managed Windows 10 Desktop. Highlight some of the features you can use and provide you with some information on what to do if you have any issues

There is a range of useful information that will help you to start using your Managed Windows 10 Desktop effectively in the Getting started guide. It is however by no means exhaustive, and some users will find that they will need additional assistance.

Important note for Laptop Users

The Managed Windows 10 Desktop is available to both desktops and laptops. They are essentially the same. For full functionality the laptop must be connected to the network. The first time you log into a laptop we strongly recommend that it is plugged directly into a network socket on campus using a network cable (not a docking station). This is because on first use the laptop will be setting itself up for you to use and configuring things like your profile. It should be left connected for about an hour.

The Options for laptop working are listed below and provide further information about how to use a wireless network connection, how to connect when you are off-campus, and what access you have to software and files when no network is present.

Note on Licensing for Windows 10 and Office. (This is particularly relevant for laptop users)

Windows and Office licensing. For the Managed Windows 10 Desktop licensing for these products is controlled from a central (KMS) server. Please note: KMS activations are valid for 180 days (this is called the activation validity interval). To remain activated, computers must renew their activation by connecting to the KMS host at least once every 180 days. For remote users that means a connection using the VPN.

Encryption on Managed Windows 10 Desktops.

Managed Windows 10 Desktop computers (desktops and laptops) have the C: drive encrypted using Microsoft's BitLocker. BitLocker is designed to protect the disk (and therefore any data stored on it) should the computer be stolen or the disk removed for access from another computer or by someone attempting to boot a computer from another operating system.

Options for laptop working

The pages below sumarise the options for laptop working and give an overview of what is available in each case.

Working from home on a regular basis? We have always recommended using Start Before Login, but this service has just been discontinued as a result of a need to apply muti-factor authentication to the VPN service. You can now only use VPN connection after login which will give a slightly poorer experience. (See VPN connection after login below).

Start Before Login

Hotspot-Secure connection

VPN connection after login

Disconnected from the network