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Further Information

The computers used for teaching in lecture theatres and other teaching rooms use an IT Services Managed Windows 10 Desktop. *

We understand that quick startup times are vital on teaching PCs, and so we have changed the way that these PCs will work as follows:-

Limited fixed set of Applications:

Instead of providing every single application and service we have, these PCs will have a fixed range of applications that's identical on every teaching room PC - Microsoft Office, web browsers, video viewers and some applications which are sometimes used for teaching - Matlab and SPSS-AMOS. Logins currently take a long time mostly because of the very large set of applications which have to be initialised. By reducing this number to a small set of applications (which will actually be on the PC itself, not loaded over the network), login times have been reduced to less than one minute. *

Access to storage:

Your H drive will still be accessible once you've logged in. You'll also still be able to plug in a USB stick and open presentations and other files from it (but you won't be able to save any files on the PC itself).

Hardware restrictions (for those purchasing hardware):

Please note that the Teaching Computer Desktop is designed to work on a very restricted specification of computer. This is to ensure reliability and that the user experience remains the same on all Teaching computers.

*A few departmental areas might still have an IT Services Managed Windows 7 Desktop, but these can no longer be used and must be upgraded or replaced.

If you have any queries we are more than happy to answer them; please contact the IT Servcies Helpdesk on 73737 or email them at

* Please note that there is no option for additional software on these computers.