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We seek to provide an active, interesting and relevant experience on the APP PGR, which models good practice in teaching and learning. Here's what some of last year's students had to say about the course.


Super supportive and friendly staff in all areas

..the fact that it brings people who teach different subjects and have different experience of teaching together to discuss teaching. This is clearly beneficial for all and is just a bonus!!).

Very interesting and useful to experiment and present different technologies and formats for teaching

I wish EVERY student at Warwick could attend this workshop

It has been good to mix with people from across the university to see how things are in different departments.




Student feedback has helped to directly shape the ongoing programme and the new APP PGR. Students have told us that the course has impacted on their work in many ways. Here are some ways that we can learn.

Fun in workshop 2

You are never to old to learn through Lego


Paper aeroplane learning

Paper aeroplanes