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Events and Community

Come to our events and meet your postgraduate community: from regular coffee mornings to socials and celebrations.

Our Spaces

The Postgrad Hub and Research Exchange are at the heart of all we do. Make them your place for work and study.

Skills and Peer Support

We offer and host a wide range of sessions to help your professional and personal development.


Watch our tips and advice on skills development and good practice in academia.

On Track

Sign up for one of our workshops on on academic skills, self-development and wellbeing.

Ask A Postgrad

Have a question about postgrad life or study? Ask our Postgrad Mentors via the Ask A Postgrad online peer-support platform.

Postgrad Realities

Learn how to tackle the twists and turns of your postgraduate journey with Postgrad Realities, our set of online, self-paced modules.

Wellbeing at Warwick

All the services and resources available across campus to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of postgraduate study.

PG Tips

Join other postgrads and speak to our Postgrad Mentors over tea and coffee, every Tuesday 3pm-4pm.

Write Here Write Now Online

Join our online version of our focused productivity sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

PhD Life

A blog about the PhD student experience, full of useful information and advice from current PhD students and researchers in the Wolfson Research Exchange at the University of Warwick.

PhDLife Blog
There's plenty we don't know heading into a PhD, and still lots we don't know once it's done. But there are some things which, with hindsight, would have been reassuring to know in advance… By Pierre Botcherby It was only when I agreed to write about 'things I wish I'd known' that I realised how... Continue Reading →

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The Study Blog

Should you play music while studying?

As the legend says, there are two types of people in the world – 1) who like music while studying 2) who hate music while studying. Irrespective of which camp you fall under, exams are edging closer, so it’s imperative for us to use every tool to boost our productivity. Today, blogger Krishna presents to you one such tool: music.

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