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Postgrad Realities


A set of online modules providing you with the tools you’ll need to tackle the twists and turns of your PhD journey and help you reach your finish line.

Watch our Postgrad Realities videos for an introduction to the course as a whole, followed by module-specific videos, which give an insight into what each module covers and share advice & tips about the realities of postgrad life:

We recommend that you use an alternative to Google Chrome (such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) for a better viewing experience.

Perspectives title banner
A: Perspectives - Take the Moodle module
Great Expectations title banner
B: Great Expectations - Take the Moodle module

True You  title banner

C: True You - Take the Moodle module

Paradigm Shift title banner

D: The Paradigm Shift - Take the Moodle module

Feeling Good title banner

E: Feeling Good - Take the Moodle module

Course created as a collaboration between Warwick Library and Wellbeing Support services, with input from current and graduated Postgrads.

Illustrations courtesy of Nick Edwards (Warwick PGR student), animated-video production courtesy of Ben Scarborough, and Articulate Storyline production by Interactive Solutions.

© 2016, University of Warwick

Course Guide

Module A: Perspectives

This module will look at managing expectations, overcoming feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome, and how to build a sense of success.

Module B: Great Expectations

This module will help you reflect on your personality type, deal with perfectionism and competitiveness, and help you build relationships with your peers and your supervisor.

Module C: True You

This module will help you to identify any disconnect between your values and your current activities. It will then prompt you to develop strategies to align any disconnect.

Module D: The Paradigm Shift

This module will help you build a mindset for managing your postgraduate research effectively, overcome procrastination and boredom, and be able to track your progress.

Module E: Feeling Good

This module will equip you with practical tools to help you manage feeling of anxiety and depression. It contains information and advice on the common negative feelings you may experience during your postgraduate journey.