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Level 5 Operations Manager Apprenticeship Programme

Who is it for?

This programme is designed for managers looking to move to a more senior management role. The level 5 refers to the qualification level (its equivalent to a foundation degree) rather than paygrade. It delivers a broad range of practical management knowledge and skills to give you the tools you need to develop further on your management journey.

You will need to have these following elements in your role to be able to apply the learning from the programme. We will undertake a skills scan and review of your job description to ensure that it is aligned with your role and your aspirations.

· Inputting to strategic planning

· Delivering operational plans

· Managing projects

· Leading and managing teams

· Managing change

· Financial and resource management


 Skills areas covered in the programme linked to the University of Warwick Leadership framework.


Core modules on the programme

Ops Manager

What are the entry requirements?

1. You will need to be a UK citizen or meet the eligibility for funding, please refer to the funding criteria.

2. You would need English and maths qualifications at level 2 and be able to provide your certificates (this is a government requirement in order to access the funding) or be willing to undertake functional skills training and assessment.

3. You need to have passed your probationary period at University of Warwick

4. If you have a fixed term contract, your employment contract will need to be at least 30 months so it is longer than the duration of the apprenticeship.

5. And of course, we welcome from staff who are working part time up to 30 hours per week. If your contract is below 30 hours, we would need to discuss this possibilities with the training provider.

Your apprenticeship will still need to cover the same amount of hours, it will just be spread out over a longer period.

How long is the programme?

The programme is for 24-30 months. 20% of your working time each week (roughly 6-8 hours) will need to be spent on this programme. We have selected a training programme where there is some flexibility on the dates and times of the learning modules and all sessions are delivered online.

How is the programme delivered?

• Tutoring / Coaching and Mentoring • Webinars/ Workshops • Industry Expert and Guest Speaker Sessions • Assignments • Self Study • Peer to Peer Networking • Warwick Uni Action Learning Set

How much does it cost?

The cost of the programme is £7,000 and will be fully covered by the University’s apprenticeship levy. It is worth noting that this funding is not able to cover the costs of any professional registration or top up qualifications.

What will the programme involve?

20% of your time (roughly 6 hours per week) will need to be spent each working week on the programme (this is a requirement of using the apprenticeship levy funding) and the hours and learning will need to be documented in your portfolio. (Guidance and templates will be supplied to do this). We have selected a training provider where there is some flexibility in the dates and times you access these which means that it doesn’t have to be a set day/time every week

During the onboarding onto the programme, your learning needs and styles will be discussed to put together a personal learning plan and there will be a series of learner review meetings included in the programme.

Course modules are there is some flexible date options to suit your current and upcoming work projects. Two additional modules can be added from any other course on offer from our training provider, for example, HR or procurement, allowing for a very bespoke and flexible learning journey for each learner.

What is required by the line manager?

There will be touchpoints throughout the programme where the Line Manager will be required to support you.

· Review apprentice’s skills and module assessments

·Utilise the online portfolio

· Assist with the creation of the apprentice’s learning journey (adding in work-based targets and objectives)

· Participate in the 12 weekly impact and progress reviews

· Support the learner to achieve spend 20% of their time each week completing the programme

·Guide and support with work-based projects / tasks relevant to programme

·Support the learner with preparation for the End Point Assessment

Note: the Line Manager will need to also sign the application for this programme.

How do I apply?

We will be running a pilot programme commencing in early 2024. Applications for the pilot programme have now closed.

You will need to send your completed application form, a copy of your job description and your latest CV to 

Your line manager will need to also sign the application form to confirm that 20% of your working time can be dedicated to the programme.